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Porsche 2020 GP Ice Race - Performance Technology


Performance Technology - Porsche 2020 GP Ice Race

This is a totally cool event. I've never seen cars racing on ice before.

It's a unique place for motorsport fans to see all the rare cars sliding around and drifting on ice.

It's so open, you can just get so close to all the cars.

I came here because I wanted to see all the old Porsches, from the oldest one to the new ones, and I'm amazed really.

First time for me driving on ice. It was an amazing experience. I tried to follow my own advice, starting slowly and building up and at the end I had a lot of fun.

Drive was so nice, super nice balance, it seemed like. When you go on a throttle and you push the gas a little bit. It was a pretty cool experience.

You need a bit different style, but it doesn't mean like it's less challenging. The speeds are a lot slower but still you have to manipulate or to keep the right balance otherwise you spin or you run into the wall.

Drive is unbelievable and we can see acceleration phase out off the corners and it puts the car really straight so that's amazing.

When it gets dark it almost feels even more intense because then you have just lights around the track and the people seem like they're almost closer.

I think it's an amazing event here and I think everybody should come here and have a look for themselves. I'm hoping that I will be back next year for sure. It's really really cool.

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