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Is The Big Bang Theory Legitimate?

by: Lance Winslow

What do really smart people like to do? Well, they like to do thought experiments and have intellectual discourse about intriguing theories. Nothing can be more intriguing than topics of the universe and its vastness - and the biggest theory of all is of course; The Big Bang. And, yes, these sorts of dialogues do come up early and often at our think tank. So, let's talk shall we?

In school we are told that the universe started off with a Big Bang. Sounds great and so we are told to memorize this concept and it is explained to us in simple terms. It's not hard to convince everyone that teaching this theory is good, because it suggests a "prime mover" or god, or some action taking place, so it keeps everyone happy - scientific minds, atheists and religious folks alike. Still, does it really make any sense? Well not to me - why you ask?

The Big Bang does not make sense to me and I doubt it is a viable theory, but a good try and educated guess. For if "Nothing is Nothing, then How Can Something be Anything?" If there was a Big Bang, there can only be one, because if it expands then it can also contract, if it contracts it cannot become infinitely small because it would fall into itself causing lots of collisions and thus like a strip of firecrackers expand back outward, perhaps it might reach equilibrium, but if so, then what? Is that nothing? Since no-thing or nothing is "everywhere" then it is part of the system and thus, not nothing after all.

One can call it what they will "Dark Energy, Dark Matter" whatever you wish, but the dark only means we don't know, it doesn't mean "IT" doesn't exist, there is something there, and it's not nothing, nothing can be nowhere, once you observe it, you give it energy, thus it is something, if you imagine it, give it a name, "IT is" therefore it exists.

The theory of the Big Bang is totally interesting, but seems unviable to me. Since I don't know, the bigger question would be, "If there was a Big Bang, and I am not positive there was, then what went bang," a question Stephen Hawking asks in his famous book; "A Brief History of Time". In other words, what went bang, and where did it come from. Indeed this is a circular conundrum of thought if I've ever heard one, fun to think there but it is also a mind-trap for an intellectual who should probably be using their talents for things we can know, until which time we have more facts to know if the theory is legit. Anyway, it is an interesting topic. Think on this.

About The Author

Lance Winslow is an Online Author, his latest eBook ia on Astronomy Topics. Lance Winslow is semi-retired and Founder of the Online Think Tank http://www.WorldThinkTank.net - You may contact Lance Winslow by email for dialogue, discourse, discussion, or debate on interesting topics.

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