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This week - A Rainy Day In New York - film will be released in 2020


A Rainy Day In New York

I got an interview with Roland Palmer.

That is amazing.

Is it on campus?

It's in Manhattan.

We're always talking about going into Manhattan for a special evening. This is gonna be absolutely fantastic.

Later maybe we could take a carriage ride.


If it doesn't rain.

You're by far the most interesting American director.

Since this is your first meaningful assignment would you like a "Scoop"?

I can't make lunch.


We're going through this artistic crisis.

It's a "Scoop".

Dusty nice to see you.

It's good to see you.

What are you doing?

Just out of here trying to create a modern film noir classic.

Okay, all right, do you want to be in it?

Hey should we do this?

Hey, are you gonna keep your mouth closed?

I have a girlfriend, Shannon.

I don't think I could do this.

C19, take two.


Josh, it's starting to rain.

See, I knew you could do it.

I won't tell your girlfriend.

Ashley, what's going on? You said you're gonna call me 30 minutes ago.

17 million dollar movie and Rowley's very unhappy with it.

You call him Rowley?

Yeah and Ted and I, we have to find him before he has one of his crazy fits.

Who is Ted?

Was that your boyfriend?

Yeah, he's a little eccentric.

Rowley, my god, you're Francisco Vega.

He's that good or bad?

My roommate thinks you're the greatest thing to come along since the morning-after pill.

Francisco Vega is in town with his new main squeeze on his arm.

My girlfriend dumped me for a movie star.

What are you doing here on your own?

Make dreams come true.

How do you do that?

I get five hundred, sweetie.

How'd you like to make five thousand.

Mother this is my girlfriend Ashley Enright.

Better grow up and get a profession. You think a girl like that wants to live hand-to-mouth.

Funny you should put it that way.

She's apparently onto a very big story. She takes her job very seriously.

I shouldn't imbibe so copiously. I become passionate, aggressive, absurd.

Hey, Ashley.

I can't talk to you right now.

What could possibly be so secretive about that?

Unless there's some funny business going on.

Unless there's some funny business going on.

This is real life.

Real life is fine for people who can't do any better.

Just make one tiny little, a lousy hour interview. Instead it took the whole weekend.

I'm on to a real story here in such a raincoat.

I can't, cos I have no clothes underneath.

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